No need to roam around when you have ROMWE



Today I am writing about my first experience with shopping on ROMWE. One of the outfit is shown below which was worn by me on a perfect day out or lunch. This plunge neck floral  print bell sleeve slit dress has a perfect summer vibe to it. I ordered it in M size and this is a wrap around so you can carry it as a shrug as well. I bought this dress for just Rs. 850 and all in all was satisfied with the product. The only drawback or negative point I felt was the material but according to the price we are paying, I would say that it's worth it. The collection is different from the usual clothes we wear and can be carried within affordable price range.

A big shoutout to all who are confused to shop from ROMWE. I suggest you should go ahead and read the reviews first and then order if you are pleased. The ordered gets delivered within 10 days and no extra shipping charges are there.

Let me know if this article was any help and suggest more things you are interested in knowing or want to know. Thank you for reading my blog. Will write more soon!

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