Wishing Mirror - Polka Dots - Your Next Wardrobe Fit


Polka Dots - The Cutest Pattern 

There are times when you want to wear other than your boring formal office oufits. There are different ways which can help you in enhancing your personality and get you more compliments. One of the patterns that you can never go wrong with are the polka dots. But be careful and never over do with this pattern.

Today, this article will define my formal look. In the pictures below, I am wearing a white shirt with black polka dots pattern on it. Polka dot outfits give a very feminine vibe and a cute appeal to your identity. I have paired the shirt with a grey pencil skirt, ending just above the knees. You can look neat and smart and wear this outfit at work or when going in formal meetings.

Polka dot pattern gives a vintage feel also which gives your attire a very timeless appeal.

Try this formal wear, you can use a collar/ scarf/ tie/ bow to accessorize. Recreate the vintage inspired style in your own way. Hope you like the post.

More to come soon.... Keep wishing and leave a comment if you like this article!

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