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Today I am relaxed, in my flip flops sitting on the couch and drinking a hot chocolate kind of mood. In my blog, I am sharing my views about a lookbook which is very in now a days. I can quote the phrase which is apt for this kind of look. ''You Are Born To Sparkle''. Everyone should have this positive attitude towards life and in the perfect outfit, this feeling can get much more stronger.

I agree that carrying a dress with glitter or sequin is not easy. You don't know when its too much or its Off. This look is a very subtle approach to sparkle.
I carried this look on New Year's Eve and really liked the whole outfit. It's a blue coloured Sequin dress with a caption written on it. It says '' I am not weird, I am just a limited edition'', which i think is really cool and adds a little pop to the dress. I carried this look with a fedora hat, and black boots.

This is the dress, you can wear it for parties, discs, lounges and night events. This dress can be experimented in different ways. You can carry an outerwear, if you feel cold, may be create a fusion like look by adding the skirt to it. This dress can take you places and fits perfect according to your body type.



So when in doubt, you can pick this curve embracing dress, pair it with boots or heels. Let me know in the comments if you liked this look.

Thank you for all the appreciation. Will write soon! 

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