Mouth Watering Temptations for Christmas!


Best Desserts To Bring Food Craving During This Holiday Season

The holiday season has already come and we are here to help you taste the most wonderful treats during Christmas. So, get ready to know some awesome mouth watering desserts that you can easily prepare. 


"Chocolate" in itself says it all. It's the one dessert to give out craving to others. Prepare it with strong mocha essence and a lot of chocolates. Enjoy the taste with your loved ones.


Candy bars are super easy to make. You can take you favourite bar and cover it with crispy cookies with caramel sauce and toffee bits. Stack them up to give a perfect presentation and tempting appeal.


 Make your bread in the shape of rods or  wands. Roll them into honey and sprinkles to  give it a Christmas touch and share them with  your friends.

4. Red Velvet Trifle 

The easiest way to make this dessert is by taking a boxed cake, cut in three layers. Add whipped cream along with red roux icing. You can showcase it by adding small pieces of strawberries.

5. Santa Cupcakes

There is nothing cuter than the santa cupcakes on Christmas. All you have to do is take a muffin and add a cream frosting on it. Mix the cream cheese, butter and sugar with red dye. Make it in a conical shape to give a look of a hat. Present everyone this beautiful treat made from your own hands.

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