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As you wake up in the morning, take a coffee mug in your hand and think about all the tasks which you have to perform today. What are your plans? Whom would you meet? But, perhaps the most important thing is identifying your mood. Different clothing colors interpret different feelings and meanings. That means the color you choose plays an important role, in not only communication but also enhancing your personality. Let's find out the meaning of different colors, which reflects your personality in a positive way. 


If you want to grab someone's attention then red is your color. Red color signifies sexuality, vivaciousness, and someone in control. It also associated with anger sometimes. People wearing this color generally imply on outgoing or bold personalities, who carry themselves with confidence.


Got a meeting to generate new ideas on your motivation? Decide on a blue apparel shading. It is the most popular color. Blue is related to cool and calm personalities. Individuals relate blue with openness and peace, they feel more secure in sharing their ideas. It is often described as a color of confidence. People who wear a lot of blue are looked upon as loyal because blue is a trusting color.



Black is the most important color for people who follow fashion because it goes with almost everything. Be it a little black dress or an elegant sari. People wearing black dress tend to look slim. People wearing this color show that they have authority. This color acts opposite and symbolizes as a negative aspect. That's why it is also worn by people who feel that they are a loner or ignored by the community.







Green color is often associated with freshness. People wearing green are trustworthy and calm in nature. It is a happy color which gives a positive vibe and confidence.








If you are a person with lot of energy and vibration, then orange is your color. You will never get unnoticed if you wear this color. Although, research says that it is the least famous color among women. People wearing orange are creative and fun to hang around with. 



Purple is a royal color. It shows leadership qualities. People wearing this color are meant to be sophisticated and luxurious. It is considered as a feminine color and makes you unique from the crowd.









Pink is identified as the color of girls. Girls who like wearing pink dress are compassionate and think from heart. Pink is the color of romance and love. It is the signature color if you want to turn heads on your first date.



It is a very neutral color. People wearing grey color are tend to be soft hearted. Wearing grey in a long run may not be a good option as it doesn't help you in enhancing your mood which may effect your personality.


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