The Red Dress Effect!


There Is A Shade Of Red For EveryOne!

Everyone knows that we associate red color with love, passion, desire, blood, vibrance and radiance. Red is the color of  extremes and iconic color for fashion. The red dress effect is the phenomenon in which people wearing red clothing, such as a red dress are perceived to be more sexually appealing than they are when wearing other colors. 

Therefore, everyone should have a red dress to flaunt as a must have in their wardrobe.
As red is considered a color of love, you can wear red on your special date or a party or even on a day out!This blog shows one of the ways in which you can carry red dress. According to me and my experience, it's the most attention seeking color and embraces your personality in a positive way. It's the color to make an entrance.

This is the most trendy dress making news even in movies such as JHMS (Jab Harry Met Sejal). Anushka Sharma looking very girly and chick wearing this outfit. It went trendy and girls like me are crushing over this dress. 

In this feed, I have worn a red skater dress, fitted above the waist and flowing down landing just above your knees. This dress is paired with a kimono/ bohemian shrug or outerwear with small red patterns on it and tassels at the end. The look is completed with black sandals.


This dress can be carried with a shrug or a short leather jacket in winters. Hope you liked this blog. Let me know your views in the comment section below! Your feedback means a lot.

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