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Hi Friends! Today I am sharing my first professional shoot experience with Images Bazaar. There are a lot of times when we are confused in life and looking for alternatives to earn money. I was in one of  those stages when I was going to switch my job and facing a hard time.

In the process of giving interviews, I had a conversation with my friend who was doing modelling. He suggested me to make a profile and send it to Images Bazaar as it will give me a source to earn money. At first I was very shaky about the whole thing but then I decided to go for it as I never thought that I would be selected. I filled my details, uploaded my normal pictures taken from my phone and sent it forward.

After a few days, I got a call back from Images Bazaar and asked me if I can come for the  audition. I thought of it as a troublesome process because I never had a skinny body or any model traits. I searched the address and it was near my home so I decided to go  for  it and give it a shot. As I entered their office, there were a lot of people waiting for  their chance to audition. Tall girls with makeup and high heels were all dolled up and waiting for their turn to come. I got more nervous and lost the idea  of getting selected.

As they called my name, I walked inside the studio. They asked me to pose in front of the camera and give different reactions. Finally, they said that they liked my smiling shots and wanted me to  come to their corporate shoot the very other day. I felt so happy that I got selected and went for the shoot next day.

It was a group shoot and there were so many experienced models. For me, it was like Alice in  Wonderland as I was a newcomer but at the same time I was experiencing something which I have not done before. People were really nice and I made so many new friends. It was great fun shooting with all the people and I really enjoyed my time.

You can view the shoot images below :

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